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Acanthus Architects is a national network of independent practices united by a desire for excellence both in new design and conservation. Set up in 1986, it has established a reputation for a high quality professional service in the design of new buildings, and in the fields of building conservation, landscape, and urban design.

Whilst sharing collective experience and skills, the offices retain the personal service, local knowledge and distinctive regional character of the individual practice. Our client list includes individuals and large multi-national companies, covering both the private and public sectors. We are actively involved in partnering arrangements with other consultants and contractors.

The combined professional staff of these offices represents over one hundred architects and other specialists. Teams can be set up using the most appropriate skilled and experienced staff from any of the offices to respond to the requirements of specific projects.

Acanthus Board Officials

Chair                              Peter Heather

Finance                          Peter Heather

Company Secretary     Jonathon Wingfield


Acanthus Conferences

(since 2005)

2023 Dundee

2019 Belfast

2018 Swansea

2017 Brighton

2016 York

2015 Milton Keynes

2014 Plymouth

2013 Greenwich

2012 Glasgow

2011 Newcastle

2010 Berlin

2009 Edinburgh

2008 Cardiff

2007 Falmouth

2006 City of London

2005 Birmingham


Acanthus Board Members

Roger Goodliff

Peter Heather

Jenny Humphreys

Mark Vines

Jonathon Wingfield

Katherine Pimblott

Ian Irvine







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